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Unlimited, 24/7 access to the quality care you need, all from your phone or computer.


US Board Certified Doctors, Life Consultants, Legal & Financial Advisers and Patient Advocates;
Plus, savings on everyday Healthcare goods and services like vision, dental, labs and more!

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Broken Piggy Bank

Stop Breaking the Bank

Today’s Healthcare is too inconvenient & expensive

  • The average US family spends about $1,500 per year in office visits
  • Doctor’s offices are closed over 75% of the hours in a week
  • The average time spent in the waiting room alone is 23 minutes
  • With the PPACA, 40+ million MORE Americans are being added to the system

There’s a better way to get the care you need!


Did You Know?

4/54 of 5 doctor’s office visits could be better handled over the phone.
9292% of people who call a doctor first don’t need a follow-up of any kind.
8989% of healthcare executives believe Telemedicine will transform healthcare.

14 When calling, you’ll be connected to a doctor in 14 minutes on average!
7575%+ of doctor visits are considered to be from stress-related ailments.
60The average reduction after The Karis Group negotiates your bills is 60%.


On-demand access from your Phone

Peace of mind that comes from always being connected

  • Talk to a US Board Certified Doctor in 14 minutes on average
  • 4 out of 5 office visits can be better handled by phone
  • 90%+ of people who call don’t need a follow up of any kind
  • 24/7 access from your phone or computer… anytime, anywhere

It’s Healthcare, the way it should be!



All These Services, One Low Monthly Price

Unlimited, 24/7 access for you and your family, starting at $14.95/mo.

U.S. Board Certified DoctorsU.S. Board Certified Doctors
In 14 minutes on average, consult with a US-based, licensed doctor who can diagnose non-emergent, medical conditions and prescribe medication.
Telephone ConsultationsTelephone Consultations
Speak directly with highly educated, vetted & trained consultants are ready to listen and help guide you through life's challenges.

Legal and Financial AdvisorsLegal & Financial Advisors
Talk with a network attorney or financial consultant for up to 30 minutes free per issue, for an unlimited number of issues.
Bill Review and MediationBill Review & Mediation
Have unresolved hospital bills totaling over $2,500? Let our Patient Advocacy team work directly with the hospital on your behalf to lower your payments.

WellCard Discount CardWellCard Discount Card
Savings on a wide range of healthcare products and services like prescription drugs, lab tests, vision, dental care and prescriptions.
Natural Therapy ProfessionalsNatural Therapy Professionals
Discounts over 25% on natural therapy services including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and nutrition services.

ID Theft and Fraud ResolutionID Theft & Fraud Resolution
Victims of ID theft or fraud related crimes receive the education, guidance, counseling & legal and financial assistance they need.
Online Worklife ResourcesOnline Worklife Resources
In-depth resources and guides for daily issues from adoption to college planning, elder care, disaster relief, emergency care and more.


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Call A Doctor Plus is not health insurance and does not replace your primary care physician, but is a resource platform designed to improve wellness and lifestyle. If you have an urgent medical condition, please dial 911. All services HIPAA compliant. Call A Doctor Plus is not available in Idaho.