ID Theft & Fraud Resolution

You are not alone in getting your identity back

Getting your identity stolen or being a victim of fraud in any way can be an extremely frustrating and helpless experience. Where do you turn? What should you do? With our ID Theft and Fraud Resolution program, you get access to the help you need to get back on your feet and reclaim what’s rightfully yours!

ID Theft Specialist

Don’t Be a Victim of Fraud… Fight Back!

Our comprehensive program has you covered from multiple angles, providing legal, financial, and ID theft resolution services. You have one point of contact for all your ID theft resolution needs. Our services can save you thousands of dollars in legal expenses and countless hours of your valuable time.

What It Does:
The ID Theft Resolution program is an interactive advocacy service that provides education, guidance, counseling & legal and financial assistance to victims of fraud related crimes. You are not alone in your fight to reclaim what is rightfully yours!


Our Services Include:

  • Fraud resolution counseling, deterrence, and education
  • Assistance with notification to creditors and third parties of ID Theft
  • Case file preparation
  • Notice and letter preparation
  • Assistance with ID theft affidavit’s and fraudulent account summaries
  • Financial counseling
  • Legal document preparation assistance
  • Free legal consultations & discounts on legal services
  • Mediation assistance
  • And many other related services
  • Don’t let fraud or ID theft get the upper hand, get your life back!

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