Legal Services

Legal assistance is an ever growing need

More and more, average, everyday Americans like yourself are finding themselves in need of legal assistance. But who do you turn to? Who can you trust? With our legal services, you get access to our network of attorneys, who specialize in whatever legal service you need. One simple phone call and you’re connected!


Legal specialists you can trust!

As the world grows ever more complex, the issues people find themselves facing become more complex as well. People every day are struggling with issues surrounding marriage and divorce; custody and child support; consumer transactions and housing - and the list goes on.

Yet when confronted with a legal issue, most people don't know where to turn to obtain professional guidance. And cost often presents a substantial barrier. According to the Federal Trade Commission a full 70 percent of the population does not seek legal counsel due to fear of the cost. With our Legal Services, the help you need is now within reach!

Affordable Legal Help

Your legal assistance benefit provides you with as many telephone consultations with an attorney as you need - at no cost. Talk as many times or as long as you need! If referred in person, you receive one free 30-minute consult per separate legal issue, and a negotiated rate if more time is required.

Easy Access

To access this benefit, simply call Resources for Living using your toll-free number. After a brief intake and discussion, you will receive a referral to a network attorney who specializes in the issue. The case is monitored throughout the process to help ensure satisfaction.



Legal Services Can Help With:

  • Family or domestic law - contested divorce, contested child support, contested spousal support, domestic violence, custody issues
  • Criminal - criminal charges, juvenile matters, DUI
  • General - civil, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant issues, collection, contractual disputes
  • Parents - probate, Social Security, Medicare
  • Elder law and estate planning - wills (preparation and review), trusts, probate, Social Security, Medicare
  • Motor vehicle - traffic tickets, driver's license matters, collection/personal injury
  • And more!

Next time your in a jam, turn to our Legal Services for help!

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