Online Worklife Resources

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Tired of searching the web for the help that you need for you and your family and not knowing which information you can trust? Look no further! Our online resources and discount center gives you on-demand access to hundreds of articles, webinars, resource libraries and easy-to-use tools.


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People face the challenge of balancing their professional and family lives everyday, and they need answers fast. Our program provides those answers through it's web enabled member assistance and worklife platform. Beyond just helping you locate child care, our website offers you easy, online access to a proprietary database of worklife providers, useful and compelling research and information on health and wellness, robust concierge resources and discounts at a network of national vendors.

Using the site, you can gather information and make important decisions about family, health, leisure time and how to get "the most for your money"... all through one web tool that you can use at your pace and on your schedule.

Online Worklife Resources

  • Child Care Resources. A searchable network child care facilities based on your zip code, in addition to articles on babysitters, child care providers, schools, fitness centers and more on topics including adoption, child care, health & safety, grandparents, infancy, parenting, school-age children, starting a family, summer care and toddlers/preschoolers.
  • College and Education. Find out information on financial aid, saving money, preparation tips for both parents and students. Learn about school selection and receive tips for your school-aged children.
  • Emergency Preparedness. Access online articles on how to make a disaster supply kit and what should be in it.
  • Pets. Learn more about adopting pets, pet care and more.
  • Worklife Library. View a full list of links for a host of WorkLife Notes. All WorkLife Notes are written by Aetna's experienced communications staff of Master's-level, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Therapists.
  • Military Life. Find resourceful articles on deployment and returning home and find additional resources to help you cope with life as a Military family.
  • Online Webinars. Free monthly webinars on a variety of topics from coping methods during our current economic state to health living and more.
  • Discount Center. Save an average of 25% on over 3.5 million products and services.

    All of this and more is just a click away... anytime, anywhere!

    Call A Doctor Plus is not health insurance and does not replace your primary care physician, but is a resource platform designed to improve wellness and lifestyle. If you have an urgent medical condition, please dial 911. All services HIPAA compliant. Call A Doctor Plus is not available in Idaho.