Patient Advocacy

Help with your medical bills is a just call away!

Having a health issue which requires medical care is one thing, having exhausted all benefits and still owing medical bills is another. Does this sound like you? Let a personal negotiator go to bat for you - and at no charge! Our Patient Advocacy team will step in and do the legwork for you while you focus on getting well.

Patient Advocacy

Our Patient Advocacy Team Has Your Back!

When discounts and reimbursements are not enough, our Patient Advocacy service is initiated and provides you with unparalleled attention and dedication to finding the best solutions for resolving their outstanding medical bills. Since we treat each you and your locality and provider as a unique combination of variables, we are able to deliver a customized and comprehensive solution that goes far beyond the benefits of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Once engaged, our Patient Advocacy team takes responsibility for the flow of paperwork and communications with each provider as we pursue mutually acceptable solutions. Our team works with clients and providers nationwide, negotiating almost ten thousand bills a year and saving our clients and their members or employees over $2 million dollars a month.

Do You Qualify?

You may qualify for Patient Advocacy if you:

  • Received care for a single related medical event at a hospital, emergency clinic or surgical center
  • Were an active member of the Call A Doctor Plus program at the time of the event
  • Were left with a balance over $2,500, even after discounts and medical benefits were applied

Your Personal Negotiator

Your personal negotiator acts on your behalf to:

  • Mediate solutions for remaining bills with medical facilities
  • Apply for financial assistance
  • Arrange a payment plan
  • Negotiate a settlement




Here's How Patient Advocacy Works:

  1. Call to see if you qualify. You'll answer a few questions and fill out a Medical Information Release Form.
  2. Within two business days of receiving your returned release form, a Karis Group representative will call you to confirm your eligibility for the Patient Advocacy program.
  3. If you qualify, you will be assigned a personal negotiator who will call you to discuss options.
  4. Your negotiator will contact the medical facilities and work directly with them to resolve your outstanding bills.
  5. Your negotiator will give you a progress report along the way.

Don’t struggle with left over medical bills, let our Patient Advocacy team step in and help!

Call A Doctor Plus is not health insurance and does not replace your primary care physician, but is a resource platform designed to improve wellness and lifestyle. If you have an urgent medical condition, please dial 911. All services HIPAA compliant. Call A Doctor Plus is not available in Idaho.