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Welcome to Call A Doctor Plus!

You are minutes away from having instant, 24/7 access to the quality healthcare you need, all from the comfort and convenience of your phone or computer. Plus access to everyday discounts on healthcare products and services, including labs, prescriptions, vision, dental and more!

Setting Up Your Accounts

Call A Doctor Plus is a bundle of three best-in-class healthcare services, bound together for one common purpose, giving you the help you need at a cost you can afford! Simply follow the instructions listed below, and you are on your way to accessing the benefits of these great services!

Call A Doctor Plus | Powered by Teladoc

Teladoc-Logo-SmallWith Call A Doctor Plus, powered by Teladoc, you have unlimited, 24/7 access to US Board Certified doctors who can diagnose problems and prescribe medication. The next time you are sick, you’re just a call or click away from the care you need!

Access Your Benefits in 3 Steps

  1. Activate your account.
         + Visit or call 1-800-835-2362.
         + Providing your first name and last name, gender and date of birth.
         + Select your username and password to use when logging on to the site in the future.
  2. Complete your Medical Intake.
         + Log on to
         + Click on the ‘My Medical History’ tab and complete each section.
         + You can also complete your health history by calling (800) 835-2362
  3. You’re Done! Next time you’re sick, just call or click!
         + Call: (800) 835-2362
         + Click:

Need to add dependents? Simply contact Member Services by calling 1-800-835-2362. Make sure you receive the username and password for each new dependent you add!

How It Works: 5 Easy Ways to Connect



Mobile Phone


  • Talk to a doctor in 14 minutes on average
  • Comprehensive diagnostic consultation
  • Treatment plan
  • Prescriptions when necessary
By Appointment

  • Schedule a time to talk to a doctor via video (MON – FRI)
  • Comprehensive diagnostic consultation
  • Treatment plan
  • Prescriptions when necessary

  • Face-to-face consultation
  • Comprehensive diagnostic consultation
  • Recommended treatment plan
  • Prescriptions when necessary

  • Available on all Android phones
  • Connect by phone or video
  • Access our complete health library
  • Prescriptions when necessary

  • Available on all iPhones and iPads
  • Connect by phone or video
  • Access our complete health library
  • Prescriptions when necessary

Aetna Resources for Living

AetnaFeeling stressed about a life situation? Master’s level clinicians, network attorneys, financial consultants, patient advocates and other health professionals are just a call away, ready to help you get back on track!

Accessing Your Benefits

  1. No activation required, you’re good to go!
  2. Feeling stressed? Talk to a real person who’s ready to help!
         + Call: 877-856-1788
  3. Need additional help? Visit our online resource center!
         + Click:
         + Username: CADRP
         + Login: CADRP


WellCard Health

WellCard HealthWith the free WellCard program, you get instant access to savings on a wide range of health care products and services, including prescription drugs, lab tests, vision care, dental care and more!

Accessing Your Benefits

  1. Register for a card.
         + Fill out the registration form to get your free prescription and health care discount card.
         + You can print your card and use it immediately after registering!
  2. Find a provider.
         + Login at and click on the service you are interested in.
         + Select the "Locate a Provider" link for that service.
  3. Schedule an appointment.
         + Call your selected provider to set up an appointment.
         + Let them know that you have a WellCard card when you schedule your appointment.
         + Ask the provider any specific questions you have about the health care service.
  4. Go to your appointment and pay at the time of service.
         + You will pay the discounted rate at the time of purchase by showing your WellCard card.
         + You will not have to fill out any reimbursement paperwork your savings are immediate!

Call A Doctor Plus is not health insurance and does not replace your primary care physician, but is a resource platform designed to improve wellness and lifestyle. If you have an urgent medical condition, please dial 911. All services HIPAA compliant. Call A Doctor Plus is not available in Idaho.